The Dordogne, an area of stunning medieval castles, historical villages and towns, is famous for its prehistoric caves, listed under UNESCO. The Lascaux Caves is a network of caves near the village of Montignac. It has over 600 wall paintings that cover the interior walls and ceilings of the caves. Food wise it is also known for foie gras, truffles, Bergerac wines, strawberries, walnuts and cep mushrooms.

In Perigord Noir you will find many of the most famous castles, towns and villages of the Dordogne region, many in spectacular locations, and with fascinating histories to tell. Sarlat is the ‘medieval capital of the Dordogne’ and perhaps the loveliest town in the region and is in the heart of Perigord Noir.

Perigord Purple, south-west Dordogne is known for its medieval towns such as Bergerac, on the Dordogne river and with a lovely historic centre.

Perigord Vert and Perigord Blanc – the northern part of Dordogne are less visited than the southern parts of the Dordogne, the north also has its share of market towns and castles, beautiful scenery and picturesque villages, including Perigueux, ‘capital’ of the Dordogne.

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