Flanders is the northern Dutch-speaking half of Belgium, including cities of Ghent, Bruges, Ostende, Antwerp, Mechelne, Hasselt, Ypres, and others.

Flanders has played a key role in European history. In the Middle Ages, it was one of the wealthiest and most populated regions of Europe. The prosperous tapestry weaving & lace making industries helped to create a very sophisticated culture, with impressive achievements in architecture and arts, rivaling those of northern Italy.

Flanders, has always been at the crossroads of Europe. In eight centuries, the country has known no less than 50 wars, with devastating results. Strangely enough, culture and industry constantly flourished, leaving a beautiful heritage.

Visit the magnificent university city of Louvain with a university alumnus or Flanders Fields and its monuments erected to commemorate the fallen soldiers of World War I. See where the Battle of the Bulge was fought with a battlefield experts.

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