Majestic Sacre Coeur and Espace Dali in Montmartre

Sacre Coeur

I visited the cathedral on the hill on two occasions; once to observe the facade, and the second was to experience Sunday mass. The latter was my personal favorite, watch the locals in moments of inner stillness and listen to the grand organ pipes ring out through the echoes of the grand building. Since it is so close to Montmartre, you can venture out after visiting the basilica and enjoy a coffee and lunch in the charming hillside district. Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes as there are a lot of stairs and walking up and down cobblestone hills.


Espace Dali

Inconspicuously located beneath some stone steps atop Montmartre, is the Espace Dali. A multi-level gallery containing sculptures and paintings by the esteemed artist, and also artifacts and anecdotes from his personal life. It was a truly moving experience, understanding Dali’s inspiration for his works on mortality, and the pieces inspired by the love of his life, his wife Gala. If you want to take home an extravagant souvenir, there’s a store on the bottom level of the museum where you can pick up an authentic Dali-signed print, sure to set you back a few thousand euros!



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